Contract Law

Every Facet of Life Almost every facet of life and business involves contract law. Every time you enter into an agreement with someone you use contract law.

From the Complex to the Simple Our experience with preparing contracts for extremely complex transactional structures involved multinational components means that we are able to draft any contract needed by our clients, no matter how technical or complex.

How We Draft a Contract Unlike many Attorneys, when we draft a contract we consider every aspect of the many issues which may surface if there is a dispute.

We find this eliminates many difficulties as the contract progresses.

Our contracts bear the hallmark of our tried and tested standard clauses, such as arbitration clauses and comprehensive restraints of trade.

Contract Disputes With our experience as acting for both plaintiffs and defendants in complicated contractual disputes

In respect of complex damages claims, we can: Draft your various contracts

Guide you through the legislative provisions governing or affecting various contracts.

Provide opinions on contractual interpretations

Amongst all other contract law aspects, we can advise on:

Legality of contracts

Suspensive clauses

Resolutive clauses

Prevention of performance by the other contracting party

Impossibility of performance

Contractual clauses which are contra bonos mores (against good public morals)


Contractual defences

Penalty clauses


The effects of "Limitation of Liability" clauses

The effects of standard terms and conditions

International contracts

Contractual disputes

Terms implied by law or fact

The remedies for misrepresentations

Authority to contract by companies



Void and voidable contracts.