June Stacey Marks Attorneys: Your Unyielding Partner in Complex Commercial Crime Litigation

Unmatched in the legal arena, we stand as a force to be reckoned with—your powerful ally and prolific litigator specializing in the intricacies of commercial crime. At June Stacey Marks Attorneys, we excel in navigating the most complex and high-stakes litigation matters, particularly in the realm of fraud. Our prowess extends across a spectrum of legal challenges, including trials, appeals, ponzi schemes, seizures and search warrants, unlawful arrests, international arrest warrants, extradition proceedings, bail strategies, prisoner rights, applications to stay prosecutions, constitutional issues, asset forfeiture, and the enforcement of foreign asset forfeiture orders.

June Marks, has consistently demonstrated unparalleled competence in successfully managing highly complex corporate fraud cases both within South Africa and on the global stage. Currently pursuing an LLD (Doctor of Laws) in international criminal law, June's academic endeavors align seamlessly with her practical experiences on the international legal stage.


Our Unique Edge: Setting ourselves apart, our practice boasts an unparalleled proficiency in conducting expert forensic investigations. What further distinguishes us is our extensive experience in navigating foreign legal systems. This distinctive skill set enables us to assist clients with exceptional precision. Moreover, our practice adeptly manages the concomitant civil aspects of commercial crime matters, seamlessly synchronizing these strategies with any concurrent criminal issues.

We bring a proven track record of successfully handling high-quantum white-collar crime cases both within South Africa and overseas.

We have adeptly handled cases involving tax-related offenses, fraud, forgery, art theft, regulatory offenses, investment fraud, ponzi schemes, money-laundering, misappropriations, exchange control matters, corruption and theft.
At June Stacey Marks Attorneys, we bring a wealth of expertise and a proven track record, ensuring that our clients receive unparalleled legal representation in navigating the intricate landscape of commercial crime litigation, both domestically and internationally. Elevate your defense strategy with us—where legal prowess meets unparalleled advocacy.

Our international reach extends to complex extradition and criminal proceedings involving the UK, Europe, and Africa.

Notably, our achievements encompass addressing fraud allegations involving pharmaceutical companies and their alleged price-fixing practices on the National Health Service—a landmark case marked as the largest prosecution ever initiated by the Serious Fraud Office in London. In a significant triumph, the UK sought to extradite our client, and our success in this matter was secured through meticulous analysis of the dual criminality of the alleged price-fixing crime in both the UK and South Africa.






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