Corporate Fraud

White collar crime and corporate fraud is on the increase.

Forensic Investigations

With my accounting background, we have become intimately involved with several forensic investigations, following the ever elusive money trail.

This is coupled with my contacts in the upper echelons of the National Prosecuting Authority, Specialised Commercial Crime Unit and the Hawks.

Our Unique Position

This means that we are in a very unique position to assist with recovering the amount defrauded or assisting you as a defendant to ward off claims and defend any criminal proceedings.

Experience in the Past In South Africa and Internationally

We have also been involved successfully for the defence team in a number of highly complicated corporate frauds both in South Africa and Internationally.

UK Price Fixing

One such example is the fraud alleged to be committed by various pharmaceutical companies on the National Health Service through the price fixing of various medications, being the largest prosecution ever brought by the Serious Fraud Office in London.

The prosecution itself cost 40 million pounds.

The price fixing was alleged to be the English crime of conspiracy to defraud.

Victory for our Client

Through complex comparative law analysis we were able to prepare a detailed opinion that in fact the price fixing in the 1990's was not a crime.

We won the case on this very point.

The Enterprise Act making price fixing a crime in fact only came into effect in 2002.

Other Experience

In addition, we have also warded off numerous extraditions, from Zimbabwe and the United Kingdom, and considered extradition statutes in order to pursue enforcements mechanisms for our clients.