The insolvency legislation allows us to utilise it fully for debt collection, fraud investigations, recovery of hidden assets and setting aside sale and transfers of assets designed to frustrate collection procedures.

We have a myriad of experience in the effective use of the insolvency and liquidation enquiry procedure which can be used to find assets, force payments and increase the effectiveness of the liquidation process. However it is our skill in forensics and insatiable curiosity which is our real asset in locating assets in enquiries.

We have an aptitude for finding the documents and path no matter how clever the hiding place

As a creditor, when a debtor fails to pay its debts and claims it has no funds, you may feel frustrated and powerless.
We will assist the creditor with recovery of the outstanding debt.

We find that the liquidation process provide us with a means to establish exactly why a company failed, find hidden assets and pursue claims against those responsible.

In fact, all persons who are knowingly a party to the reckless or fraudulent conduct of the business of a company may be held liable and we will actively seek them out, in order to recover as much money as possible for you, the creditor.


On the other hand, as a debtor, you may feel you are being unfairly prejudiced by a creditor. We will be there to help ward off claims from a creditor and stop the liquidation process before it affects your life.

Finally, we have also available to advise and guide witnesses through the complicated enquiry process should they be called before one to testify.






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