At June Stacey Marks Attorneys, we specialize in civil and commercial litigation, as well as commercial crime matters. Our extensive expertise covers every facet of the litigation process, ensuring seamless and cohesive legal strategies that are both innovative and grounded in tradition. We pride ourselves on our in-house capabilities, providing our clients with a comprehensive and integrated approach to their legal needs.


Led by June Marks, our litigation team embodies excellence. With rights of appearance in the High Court, Labour Court, Supreme Court of Appeal, and the Constitutional Court, June Marks is a formidable presence in the courtroom. Her analytical prowess and strategic acumen make her an invaluable ally for our clients.


Our firm excels in handling complex commercial and business litigation cases. We understand the unique challenges businesses face and offer tailored solutions that address high-stakes disputes. Whether dealing with contract disputes, shareholder disagreements, or commercial crime matters, we provide expert representation to protect our clients' interests.


Our expertise extends beyond domestic disputes. We handle high-profile cases that demand a global understanding, leveraging our international law experience. Our firm has cultivated vital contacts with expert witnesses and professionals across various jurisdictions to provide comprehensive support for complex litigation matters.


Our in-house ability to analyze financial data and our approach to financial analysis make all the difference in commercial litigation and company law matters. June Marks, with her LLM in Company Law, leads our team with unmatched expertise, ensuring precise and insightful financial evaluations that strengthen our legal strategies. Our skills and understanding of financial data and transactions allow our team to fully explore a matter and its details. Financial knowledge is a significant asset to a lawyer in commercial and business-related litigations, enabling us to uncover critical information, craft strong arguments, and anticipate potential challenges effectively.


Our clients benefit from a holistic approach to litigation. We manage all aspects in-house, from high court applications and trials to the negotiation of multinational agreements. This streamlines communication and ensures a unified strategy meticulously tailored to each client’s needs.


Understanding that no two cases are the same, we devise customized solutions to navigate high-stakes disputes with precision and care. Our experience, skill, and extensive legal knowledge allow us to address the unique challenges presented by both domestic and international law.


Adding to our expertise, June Marks is a doctoral candidate in Public Constitutional and International Law. This academic commitment enriches our firm's intellectual capital and legal insight, further enhancing our ability to serve our clients effectively.


June Stacey Marks Attorneys is more than a law firm; it is a beacon of legal innovation. We don't just represent our clients; we champion their causes with a relentless pursuit of justice. Our dedication to excellence makes us the firm of choice for those who seek superior legal representation in litigation.

For unparalleled expertise in civil litigation, commercial litigation, and business litigation, choose June Stacey Marks Attorneys. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you with your litigation needs and provide the legal support your business deserves.


What types of matters are included in commercial litigation?______________

Commercial litigation encompasses a wide range of legal disputes related to business activities. Common matters include:

Intellectual property disputes
Business disputes and litigation
Labour issues
Restraints of trade
Liquidation and insolvency-related matters
Business rescue litigation
Disputes among shareholders and directors
Litigation involving duties and obligations of directors and other officers
Contractual disputes
Construction-related matters
Disputes over business valuations
Matters involving misappropriation of company funds

Why is financial analysis important in commercial litigation?

Financial analysis is crucial in commercial litigation because:

Understanding and analyzing financial statements and accounts in a commercial and business litigation can make or break the case.
Financial analysis is critical to cases such as those involving misappropriation, defending liquidation-related matters, recovering assets, and disputes between directors and shareholders.
It allows for proper cross-examination and engagement with financial experts.

How do skills in financial analysis benefit attorneys in company disputes and litigation?

Attorneys with skills in financial analysis can:

Fully explore and understand the financial aspects of a dispute.
Provide precise and insightful evaluations that strengthen legal strategies.
Navigate complex financial data to uncover key information that may be pivotal in litigation.

What role do competent experts play in commercial litigation?

Competent experts provide invaluable insights and testimony that can support a legal argument. Their evidence may be critical in commercial and business-related matters.

Is there a specific court structure to expedite commercial litigation?

Yes, there is a commercial court structure designed to expedite commercial litigation. These courts specialize in handling business-related disputes efficiently, ensuring that cases are resolved promptly and effectively.

Why is it important to have a competent attorney with financial skills and an LLM in Company Law on these matters?

Having an attorney with financial skills and an LLM in Company Law is critical because:

They possess the specialized knowledge required to navigate complex legal and financial landscapes.
Their expertise in company law provides a deep understanding of the regulatory and legal framework governing businesses.
They can offer strategic advice and representation, ensuring that all financial and legal aspects of a case are thoroughly addressed.

What are the benefits of handling all facets of civil litigation in-house?

Handling all facets of civil litigation allows a law firm to:

Provide comprehensive legal services to clients, addressing a wide range of legal issues.
Ensure consistency and continuity in legal representation, from initial consultation through to trial and appeals.
Develop a deep understanding of a client's legal needs and tailor strategies to meet those needs effectively.

How do liquidations, business rescues, and company disputes fit into commercial litigation?

Liquidations, business rescues, and company disputes are integral parts of commercial litigation. They involve complex legal and financial issues that require specialized knowledge and expertise. Addressing these matters effectively can protect a business's interests and ensure its long-term viability.

What makes June Stacey Marks Attorneys stand out in commercial and business law?

June Stacey Marks Attorneys stands out due to our:

Extensive expertise in commercial litigation and business law.
In-house financial analysis capabilities that enhance our legal strategies.
Commitment to providing tailored legal solutions for high-stakes disputes.
Academic rigor and continuous professional development.
Skills to understand and analyze complex financial data.
Dedication to championing our clients' causes with a relentless pursuit of justice.
Tenacious and focused approach to fighting for our clients with an unyielding determination.
Comprehensive understanding of our clients' businesses and their unique nuances, ensuring tailored and effective legal strategies.
For more information on how June Stacey Marks Attorneys can assist with your commercial litigation needs, contact us today.






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