Definition of Litigation - Commercial litigation occurs when there are commercial and civil disputes.

In a nutshell, it means that an individual or enterprise is sued by another party for monetary damages; or an individual or enterprise needs to sue another party to claim monetary damages back that they have suffered.

Litigation can be instituted in various different ways dependant on the nature of the dispute. It arises from a variety of different circumstances.

Experience in the Past

We are able to assist with a large range of commercial disputes:

The remedies of minority shareholders (especially in light of the amendments in the New Companies Act), shareholder disputes and the rights of shareholders.

The re-registration of deregistered companies.

Debt recoveries, especially in light of the National Credit Act.

We have been successful in refuting the now popular defence of a request for debt counselling or the reckless granting of credit

Contracts and disputes on consignment agreements, including complicated multinational agreements

The new Consumer Protection Act which deals inter alia with issues such manufacturer liability, direct and indirect marketing, product labelling, franchise agreements, consumer rights, unfair contractual terms

Our experience

Involved in disputes concerning:

Corporate restructuring

Partnership disputes

Joint ventures

Shares and debentures

Sales of business

License agreements.