1. Operation Holbein: A criminal case in the United Kingdom where five major international drug companies and their directors were accused of colluding to fix the prices of penicillin and defrauding the UK National Health Service of 150 million pounds. Our client was exonerated when the case was thrown out, and this was seen as a "major blow" to the UK's Serious Fraud Office's credibility.

2. The civil litigation arising from the liquidation of Macmed Health Care Ltd including the insolvency enquiries and civil claims against the directors for personal liability in excess of R900 million. June Stacey Marks Attorneys dealt with one of the first computerised document discoveries.

3. Cases involving fraud on an empowerment agricultural fund managed by the Land Bank involving the upper echelons of the Land Bank and various government officials. The Fund asserts it was defrauded of in excess of R22 million in three separate cases.

4. The civil and criminal litigation involving Fidentia Asset Management which involved in excess of R1 billion. Claims by various investors in Fidentia against the curators.

5. Claims of investors against brokers in the RVAF Ponzi Scheme, involving the infamous Herman Pretorius. It was estimated that R2.2 bn disapppeared in the scandal.

Our clients include pension funds, liquidators, banks, listed and private companies, and private persons. We have developed extensive experience in High Court civil litigation, commercial criminal matters and forensic investigations. Our civil litigation experience includes liquidations and liquidation enquiries, company law, shareholder and director disputes, contractual disputes, administrative law, constitutional matters, asset recoveries, pension fund law, and general litigation.






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