Unlawful Competition / Intellectual Property

Definition of Unlawful Competition

Unlawful competition is any competition which deviates from the normal market forces, such as where a competitor passes off his products as those of another firm or creates confusion by using a similar brand name.

It can also occur when an employee uses confidential information to compete with his ex-employer.

Our Past Experience

It can extend to many other circumstances and our experience extends to:

Enforcing Restraints Of Trade

Defending the restrainees

Litigation in various issues of intellectual property and counterfeit products

The protection of confidential information,

International experience with intellectual property protection

Domain name disputes.

Useful Tools At our Disposal

Two useful tools in this field help to prevent further loss from the unlawful use of intellectual property and confidential information.

These include Urgent applications, and a very useful type of civil search warrant known as an 'Anton Pillar' procedure.

We have used these to great effect in the past to mitigate our client's losses.

It is in fact in the case of urgent applications that our true value is shown being able to produce very detailed affidavits at very short notice.